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Mpreg Day Kandy Ficlet: One Wish

One Wish
Kandy (Kip & Brandon), AU, Work Safe
1,169 words
Warnings: MPREG!! This fic contains MPREG! If MPREG's not your thing, don't read it!! You've been warned!
Comments are apperciated like whoa!

Thanks to my BFF ladydreamer , who made it a better read in record time! ;D

One WishCollapse )


New Community


For all Michael roles, crossing of Michael roles, ficcing, graphicing, vidding. Love Michael. Omg.
My darling </a></b></a>lexalicious70 asked for Kip/Brandon and so she got it!!

Prompt: Brandon/Kip hurt comfort/first time

Pairing: Kip (Kickin' It Old Skool)/Brandon (Sweet November)

Wordcount: 767 words.



rosenbaummedia has posted links to a little interview from Michael on Kip on IMBD, clips from the premere and photos:

Kippin' It Real

Shoop: A Kip/Bran Vid! \o/

From the CUPCAKE LAND soundtrack, Shoop is by Salt 'N Pepa!

Slightly AU Vid with the boys, where Chaz is a friend of Brandon's and was there when he met Kip! Also, Sarah's still alive! We hope you like it!!

More info:

Author: ladydreamer & herohunter
Music: Shoop, by Salt 'N Pepa
Pairing: Kip/Bran
Summary: Boy meets girl. Girl is boy. Boy likes it! :P
Spoilers: None, really.
Size: 36.47 MB
Warnings: THIS IS AN X-RATED VID! As in gay porn x-rated! NOT WORKSAFE at all! You've been warned!
Comment: This vid is made purely for fun. No infringement is intended, nor disrespect to the actors and characters in it shown. Also, I can't turn off the BOLD, for some reason! :P

Feedback is much appreciated, as many times as you'd like to give it! :D Click the link to download the Vid! Since it is x-rated, it won't be put on YouTube or similar sites.

 How it works: After you enter the Megerotic site because you're over 18 years of age, you will be prompted to enter a 3 letter code. After that, you'll have two columns, the one for paid accounts, and the free one, on the right. The column on the right tell you to wait 45 seconds and will count it down as you watch, then the FREE DOWNLOAD button will appear. That's where you click to get it. Yay!


Attention all Kippers!!

If you're like me, you were pretty miffed to find out that there was NO KIP WHATSOEVER on the DVD cover for Kickin' It Old Skool. Not in the front, not in the back, and not even a MENTION of Michael who, let's all agree, carried that movie on his very own sexy back!!

Well, fret no more!!! I made a printable cover that should satisfy us all!!

Here's what it looks like printed on glossy paper:

(disclaimer: I own nothing related to KIOS apart from my own DVD and Kip poster ( \o/ ), and a deep deep love for Kip Unger! No infringement and/or disrespect intended)

If you use it, please let me know by commenting? THANKS!!

And, as always, keep on Kip, Kip, Kippin' it real!!!



Oh noes!!!

Bran died!!! *wail*

He got struck by lightning while he was in the hot tub, which seems to be the way most of my Sims die. Luckily Kip's love for him was strong enough that he was able to plead with The Grin Reaper and get Bran back. YAY!

Chris has now grown into a teenager and Jon is now a child

Pics of the tragic eventCollapse )

Wall Kip

Is on yer wall, watchin' you masterbate!

Hee hee! I have a Kip poster from Amazon.com. And he is GAWGEOUS!

Kippin' It Real


Who thinks we need a bunny named Kip?

Kip *hop* Kip *hop* Kippin' it real *hop hop*

Kippy icons

+107 Kip Unger

-Please comment if taking
-Please credit if using
-Blank icons are NOT bases. I will happily customise for you if you ask
-Enjoy :)

( See the rest at my journal )

Aww! Baby!

Kip and Bran's family has expanded

PicsCollapse )